Young Residents Create Photomosaic of Quake-Hit Noto Region; Artwork Uses Nearly 2,000 Pictures of Area Before Earthquake

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Children who participated in completing the Noto region photomosaic pose for a commemorative photo in Suzu, Ishikawa Prefecture, on Monday.

Using nearly 2,000 photos of the Noto region, which was badly hit by the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in January, young residents from Suzu, Ishikawa Prefecture, completed a photographic mosaic on Monday.

The photomosaic depicts the Noto Peninsula, accompanied by the phrase “Maketorarenja!!” — “Can’t lose!!” in the local dialect. The artwork is currently on display at the gym of Iida Elementary School in the city before being moved to Noto Airport in Wajima in the prefecture.

Made from 1,974 photos, the photomosaic is 4.5 meters in length and 6 meters wide and depicts the peninsula in green using strong outlines over blue waves. The photos include children having fun by the sea and the soul-stirring Kiriko float festivals in the Noto region.

Five young people from Suzu planned the photomosaic. Starting in mid-March, they used social media and flyers to ask residents of six cities and towns in the region to provide them with photos of the local landscape taken before the quake. They were able to collect enough photos in about a week and began creating the work.

The final touch was added on Monday at the elementary school in the city, where 25 students from the fourth to sixth grade carefully glued about 300 of the photos on the fabric base. They were amazed when they looked at the completed work and shouted, “It’s Ishikawa Prefecture!” and “It’s great.”

Kai Mawaki, the leader of the planning group, said, “It has become a work that makes you recognize the good things about Noto, such as its beautiful landscape and relationships between people.” The 26-year-old who runs an auto body business added, “I hope this will make people think, ‘Young ones are working hard, too.’”