Services Resume Along Entire route of Noto Tetsudo Railway after Hiatus Following Jan. 1 Earthquake

The Yomiuri Shimbun
The first train of the day on the Noto Tetsudo railway departs for Nanao Station as a ceremonial station master for the day gives the go-ahead signal at Anamizu Station in Ishikawa Prefecture, on Saturday.

Noto Tetsudo railway in Ishikawa Prefecture resumed train service Saturday along its entire 33.1-kilometer route, which was suspended in the wake of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake.

Temporary restoration work on the 16.8-kilometer section between Notonakajima Station and Anamizu Station was completed, and thus reopening the entire line.

The semi-public corporation, which provides transportation services for the daily lives of local residents, finally resumed all services three months after the earthquake.

Passengers boarded the trains with relieved expressions on their faces.

Since the earthquake struck, the entire Noto Tetsudo line had been out of service because surface of the ground had risen, causing the rails to become uneven and dirt to fly into the tunnels.

At a reopening ceremony held at Anamizu Station shortly before 6 a.m., Noto Railway Co. President Tetsuya Nakata said, “Resuming services symbolizes people’s bonds and hope for the future.”

After the ceremony, the first train of the day departed with local residents on board. Passengers waved to people along the tracks and enjoyed the scenery along Nanao Bay, which was bathed in morning light.

A civil servant in Anamizu Town who rode the train with his family said with a smile, “This station is familiar to us, as my 4-year-old son and I had often come here for fun. I feel happy because the train line has been fully restored. I could see the scenery through the train windows for the first time in a long time.”