Actor Hiroshi Tachi Cooks Meals for Japan Quake Victims; About 20 Actors Prepare 700 Servings in Toyama Prefecture

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Tachi, right, hands a plate of yakisoba to a child in Himi, Toyama Prefecture, on Saturday.

Actor Hiroshi Tachi helped cook meals for victims of the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in Himi, Toyama Prefecture.

Tachi, who filmed a movie in Himi and Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, in November and December, wanted to give back, so he organized cooking events in both cities from Feb. 21 through Feb. 24.

On Saturday, Tachi and about 20 other actors made approximately 700 servings of various dishes, including yakisoba and oden, handing them to evacuees and those involved in the recovery efforts.

“I would be grateful if we could bring even a little happiness to everyone,” Tachi said.