8 ‘Disaster-Related’ Deaths Reported in Noto Earthquake; Overall Toll from Disaster Reaches 206 Fatalities

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Firefighters conduct an inspection, while police, at rear, search for people in the Asaichi-dori avenue area in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture, on Wednesday.

Eight evacuees had been recognized as of Wednesday as “disaster-related fatalities” after the Noto Peninsula Earthquake, as a result of their health deteriorating or for other reasons, according to the Ishikawa prefectural government.

The prefectural government said Tuesday that six people in Suzu had been classified as disaster-related fatalities. These were the first disaster-related deaths to be announced in connection with the Jan. 1 earthquake, which registered the maximum 7 on the Japanese intensity scale.

The Suzu city government said all six deaths occurred after the person was hospitalized, but the detailed causes of death were still unknown. The classification was therefore tentative, according to the city government.

On Wednesday, the prefectural government said two people in the town of Noto had also been classified as disaster-related fatalities.

The death toll from the quake reached 206 as of 2 p.m. Wednesday. This number includes 91 in Suzu, 83 in Wajima, 20 in Anamizu, five in Nanao, four in Noto, two in Shika and one in Hakui.

One person was reported missing in Suzu, while the number of people whose safety was unaccounted for was 52.