846 Isolated due to Cutoff of Roads in Ishikawa Pref.; 94 Killed, Whereabouts of 222 Unknown

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Residents stay in an elementary school serving as an evacuation center in Suzu, Ishikawa Prefecture, on Friday morning.

At least 846 people are isolated in 33 districts of five cities and towns as of Friday morning after landslides cut off roads following the Noto Peninsula Earthquake. According to the Ishikawa prefectural government, 94 people were killed and the whereabouts of 222 remain unconfirmed as of 2 p.m. on Friday.

Transports of relief supplies to affected areas are expected to ramp up as repairs progress for damaged roads.

According to the Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Ministry, 26 sections of national highway routes and 67 sections of prefectural and other roads in Ishikawa remain impassable.

In the Onomachi district of Wajima, a landslide cut off vehicle access to central Wajima.

Residents have not received relief supplies from the central or local governments since the earthquake occurred and some have walked across landslide debris to receive and distribute items at evacuation centers. A 79-year-old woman huddled in an evacuation center said, “Our food stockpiles and other items will eventually run out. I’m worried without prospect for opening of roads.”

Water shortages are severe in the affected areas. Water supply was cut off to about 68,000 households in 14 cities and towns in the prefecture, including about 21,500 households in almost all areas of Nanao and about 10,000 households in almost all of Wajima. Local governments are working on supplying water to residents and hastening to assess damages of water pipes for repair.

Emergency repairs for roads leading from the prefecture’s central area to Wajima and Suzu, which are located on the tip of the Noto Peninsula, was completed by Thursday afternoon, allowing large vehicles to finally pass through.

On Friday morning, Self-Defense Force trucks loaded with drinking water and other supplies left the Ishikawa prefectural industrial exhibition hall in Kanazawa — which has been set up as a base for supply transport — for municipal offices and evacuation centers in six cities and towns, including for the devastated Suzu and Wajima.

The transport ministry intends to strengthen delivery of relief supplies through marine transportation, with a ship loaded with water and diapers scheduled to arrive in Ishikawa by Friday night.

The Defense Ministry announced Friday that up to 100 Self-Defense Force Reserve personnel and SDF Ready Reserve personnel will be called up to respond to the Noto Peninsula Earthquake and will be assigned to provide support services to survivors.

Details of number

According to the Ishikawa prefectural government, the death toll has reached 94 as of 2 p.m. on Friday. The number of people whose whereabouts were unconfirmed reached 222 on Friday.