Japan Junior High Boy Arrested on Suspicion of Robbing University Student; Boy Allegedly Posed as Young Woman Online

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
Kyoto prefectural police headquarters

A 14-year-old male junior high school student, who allegedly pretended to be a young woman on social media, was arrested in Kyoto on suspicion of robbery resulting in bodily injury for reportedly attacking a 19-year-old male university student and taking ¥65,000 from him.

The junior high student has reportedly admitted to the allegations, saying he wanted money. The Kyoto prefectural police, who made the arrest, believe that the student has committed such acts before.

According to the police, the junior high student is suspected of robbing the university student and punching him in the face after arranging to meet with him on a street in Kyoto on Oct. 22. The junior high student allegedly threatened him by saying such things as “sexual acts with a minor is a crime.” The university student sustained minor injuries that lasted for a week.

Two other boys, then aged 13 and 14, were also at the crime scene, and their documents were sent to prosecutors and a child guidance authority.

According to police, the three posted messages on social media pretending to be a young woman looking to date an older man. They then met with university students who responded to the posts.