Broadcasters Urge Johnny & Associates to Act on 3rd-Party Report

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Members of a third-party panel investigating the sexual abuse allegations against the late Johnny Kitagawa hold a press conference in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, on Tuesday.

Several broadcasting companies had delivered comments by Wednesday calling for Johnny & Associates’ sincere responses, after a third-party panel investigating sexual abuse allegations against the late Johnny Kitagawa, founder of the talent agency, released Tuesday a report recognizing a 40-year pattern of abuse and urging the current president to resign.

Many broadcasters use singers, actors and TV personalities belonging to Johnny & Associates.

“We request that efforts be made to provide the victims with help and prevent a recurrence,” Nippon TV commented.

“We will closely watch how the matters recommended [by the panel] will be addressed and handled in the future,” TV Asahi commented.

Each broadcaster said that sexual assault is unforgivable.

Regarding the aspect of the report pointing out the news media’s lack of reporting on the sexual abuse case, NHK said, “We take it seriously.” Other broadcasters also gave similar comments.