Video of Severed Head Found in Susukino Decapitation Case in Japan

The Yomiuri Shimbun
The suspects’ house in Atsubetsu Ward, Sapporo, where a man’s head was seized.

SAPPORO ― The severed head of a man in the Sapporo decapitation case, in which a woman and her parents were arrested, was wrapped in a plastic bag and kept in a container at the family’s home in Atsubetsu Ward, Sapporo, according to sources. Evidence in the case also includes a video of the head.

The headless body of 62-year-old man was found in a hotel in the city’s Susukino entertainment district on July 2.

Runa Tamura, 29, her father Osamu Tamura, 59, and her mother Hiroko Tamura, 60, were arrested in late July. The three have been held on suspicion of destruction, possession and abandonment of a body.

The sources said the head was found in the second-floor bathroom of the suspects’ home during a search on July 24. Police also seized a video of the head, taken in the bathroom. The head in the video was not decomposed and the investigators believe the video was taken within a few days of the murder. The hands of a person wearing gloves were also seen in the video.

According to sources, in the early morning hours of July 2, when a person believed to be Runa left the hotel, Osamu purchased about 10 bags of ice at a convenience store near their house.