Father-Daughter Decapitation Suspects Bought Saw, Suitcase Before Hokkaido Incident

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Suspect Runa Tamura keeps her identity hidden as she is transferred from a police station in Sapporo on Monday.

SAPPORO — The father-daughter suspects arrested earlier this week in connection to the Sapporo decapitation case bought a saw and suitcase before the incident, according to investigative sources.

The headless body of 62-year-old Hitoshi Ura was found in a hotel in the city’s Susukino entertainment district on July 2.

Suspect Osamu Tamura is the father of suspect Runa Tamura.

Runa Tamura, 29, was arrested Monday along with her father, 59-year-old Osamu Tamura, who is a doctor at a hospital in Sapporo. Her mother, 60-year-old Hiroko Tamura, was arrested Tuesday in Sapporo at the family home, where Ura’s head was found. The three have been held on suspicion of destruction, possession and abandonment of a body.

Sources said the Hokkaido Prefectural Police have ascertained that the father and daughter purchased a saw and suitcase in Sapporo before the incident occurred. The police believe a saw was used for the decapitation and that a suitcase was used to transport the severed head.

Furthermore, the police have learned that there had been some trouble between Runa and Ura, which the authorities are considering as a possible motive.

According to a woman with ties to the hospital where Osamu works, the doctor is head of the psychiatry department in charge of inpatients who need mental health care. The woman said he was not involved in surgical procedures at the hospital. She added that since the incident, he had appeared to work in the same calm manner as he always had.

Police on Wednesday took their investigation to the hospital. According to investigative sources, the police were expected to seize various work records and materials that may be relevant to their investigation into his role as a suspected accomplice, including preparing a murder weapon and driving his daughter to and from the hotel.