GSDF Cadet Didn’t Refer to 2 Shooting Victims By Name

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A woman and her child pray in front of the Hino basic firing range in Gifu City on Wednesday, one week after the fatal shooting incident.

During questioning by the Gifu prefectural police, the Ground Self-Defense Force cadet suspected of shooting three instructors at a firing range in Gifu City did not mention the names of the two instructors in charge of ammunition whom he shot at, it has been learned.

The suspect, 18, reportedly told the police that he didn’t have a grudge against any particular instructor. This has led the Self-Defense Forces and Gifu prefectural police to increasingly believe that he shot the two instructors as part of an attempt to take their ammunition.

Two instructors at the range were killed and one was seriously injured. The cadet has been referred to prosecutors on suspicion of murder.

Floral tributes continue

A steady stream of people continued to bring flowers to the Hino basic firing range on Wednesday, one week after the fatal shooting incident there.

Many bouquets were placed at the entrance to the facility. Friends of the two victims expressed their condolences and many people called for a full investigation to uncover the truth.