102 capsules of stimulants found in man’s body at Haneda

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Capsules recovered from a man’s body are shown to the media at Tokyo Airport Police Station on Friday.

A 49-year-old Spanish man allegedly attempted to smuggle stimulants in 102 capsules that he swallowed, the Metropolitan Police Department announced Friday.

The man arrived at Haneda Airport from Britain on Oct. 20 and was placed under arrest on Tuesday on suspicion of violating the stimulants control law after one capsule containing 11 grams of stimulants was discovered. Altogether, the 102 capsules, measuring about six centimeters in length, held one kilogram of stimulants, worth a street value of about ¥60 million.

According to the police, the man was acting strangely and customs decided to conduct an X-ray inspection, during which the capsules were discovered. They were recovered after giving the man laxatives at a hospital. He claimed that he did not know the capsules contained stimulants.