Cyber-attacks increase during conflicts

Cyber-attacks appear to be occurring more frequently since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine in late February.

Teikoku Databank Ltd. conducted a survey of 1,547 companies in Japan on March 11-14. According to this survey, 439 companies, or 28%, had been targeted by a cyber-attack in the previous month.

“We’ve received more suspicious emails since the invasion began,” a manufacturer of resin processing machinery and other equipment said. Such comments featured prominently among the survey replies.

According to investigative sources, cyber-attacks tend to increase when tensions between nations become more pronounced, such as a war beginning. These attacks usually aim to spread turmoil or flaunt offensive capabilities. In some cases, hackers from a third country will pretend to be from one of the nations involved and launch a cyber-attack.

The National Police Agency is urging government offices and agencies, and private-sector companies, to remain vigilant, as the threat of cyber-attacks appears to be growing.