Tokyo Govt to Use Streetlight Information to Build More 5G Base Stations

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
The Tokyo metropolitan government building

The Tokyo metropolitan government plans to begin disclosing basic information on the about 60,000 streetlights on metropolitan roads as early as fiscal 2025, with the aim of having them used as cell phone base stations.

Basic information about the streetlights includes their location, height and year of installation, according to the plan, which was presented at a meeting of experts at the metropolitan government office.

The metropolitan government apparently aims to create an environment in which high-speed, high-capacity 5G technology can be stably used by utilizing streetlights.

The government has been advocating for strengthening 5G and other communication infrastructure so it can be used in the event of a disaster and to make everyday life more convenient.

Generally, cell phone companies select possible sites for base stations based on such factors as communication conditions and the height of various locations before beginning negotiations with landowners and facility owners regarding installation.

Currently, information on only 67 streetlights on metropolitan roads has been disclosed, and there are no plans to install more streetlights.

The metropolitan government believes that disclosing such information will make it easier for cell phone companies to study possible locations for base stations, leading to them being installed more quickly.

The government plans to examine the information that will be released in cooperation with cell phone companies in fiscal 2024.

It will also establish rules to facilitate the smooth installation of base stations.