Japan Swelters During Hottest Autumn on Record; 2023 Looks to Become Japan’s Hottest Ever Year

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
People walk in warm weather in Tokyo in early November.

Japan experienced its hottest autumn on record this year, with the September-November period soaring 1.39 C above the nation’s average between 1991-2020, the Japan Meteorological Agency said Friday.

The latest figure, known as a “temperature anomaly,” was a significant increase from the same period last year, which at 0.9 C, was itself the highest since such data started being recorded in 1898.

This year, the average seasonal temperatures in spring and summer — at 1.59 C and 1.76 C above average, respectively. Autumn marked the third consecutive period with a record-high anomaly for the first time.

From January to November this year the temperature anomaly stands at 1.34 C. According to the agency, it is certain that this year will surpass the record set in 2020, which stands at 0.65 C.

High temperatures are attributed to record high sea surface temperatures in the waters around Japan.

According to the agency, the average autumn temperature was a record high at 87 of 153 locations. In Sapporo, it was 13.8 C — 1.8 C above average. In central Tokyo, it was 20 C — 2.1 C above normal and in Osaka, it was 20.5 C — 1 C above normal.