Polish Shelter Gives Relief to Sweltering Dogs

A dog pants on a hot day at the Na Paluchu animal shelter in Warsaw on July 19.

WARSAW (Reuters) — Workers at a Polish shelter are taking special steps from air-conditioning to water holes to help their dogs cope with sweltering temperatures.

While Poland has not yet seen the record-breaking heat wreaking havoc from the United States to China, the weather still troubles dogs in the Na Paluchu shelter in Warsaw.

“They just don’t want to do anything, just like us. It is too hot,” said Anna Skibicka, a volunteer at the shelter.

“Some dogs do not want to go for a walk at all or only move where there are shadow spots. The dog uses a lot of energy while sniffing, and in the heat it becomes problematic.”

Skibicka said that the shelter, which houses 650 dogs and 180 cats, has bought childrens’ sandpits and filled them with water to give the dogs a way to cool down. It has also hung up nets to provide shade and installed air-conditioning.