Sake Cocktails on Offer at Paris Event Themed on Nagano Pref.; Aims to Raise Name Recognition

Courtesy of La Maison Du Whisky
A gin and tonic made using Masumi Kuro sake

NAGANO — Sake Cocktail Week was held in Paris from March 5 to 11, offering limited-edition cocktails made mainly with sake from Nagano Prefecture, which was this year’s theme.

The aim of the event was to raise the name recognition of Nagano Prefecture using sake and other items that are produced there.

Sake Cocktail Week was organized by sake importers and others in Paris. It was the third in the event series, which introduces new ways of drinking sake. The theme last time was Saga Prefecture.

The sake used in the cocktails were Masumi Kuro and Yuzu Liqueur from Miyasaka Brewing Co. in Suwa, and Chogen K91 from Miyajima Brewery Co. in Ina. Three types of cocktails, including gin and tonics concocted with Masumi, were served at seven restaurants in Paris.Nagano Prefecture is working to promote Shinshu brands in Europe, and Gov. Shuichi Abe visited some European countries in October and November. Since December, chefs from the prefecture living in Paris have been taking turns preparing special menus using ingredients from the prefecture at their restaurants.

It is hoped that the name recognition of the prefecture will be raised through drinking and dining experiences, and that this will lead to foreigners visiting more and buying products from the area.

“Through the experience of eating and drinking products from Nagano, we hope the event will become the first step to getting people to visit the prefecture and purchase local goods,” a prefectural government official in charge of sales said.