Foreign Tourists Given Preview of Miyagi Prefecture

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Tourists from Taiwan make sushi in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture, on Dec. 16.

NATORI, Miyagi — Sushi-making and grilling sasa kamaboko fish cakes were among the experiences demonstrated during a test run of a tour recently held in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture.

Mainly hailing from Taiwan, 17 tourists of a wide range of ages participated in the tour from Dec. 16 to 18, featuring the food and nature of the Yuriage district of the city.

The cooperative association of Yuriage Minato Asaichi morning market organized the tour with the aim to develop new tourism plans targeting visitors from Taiwan following the resumption of regular international flights to Sendai Airport.

The participants visited the Kawamachi Terasu Yuriage commercial facility and tried their hand at grilling sasa kamaboko in the shape of bamboo leaves. They also made sushi at the market under the guidance of a sushi chef and tasted Yuriage’s specialties, such as blood clams.

“I participated in this tour because I wanted to support areas struck by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The first sushi I made by myself tasted good,” said a 58-year-old photographer from Taiwan.

During the three days, the participants also enjoyed cycling.

The tour was subsidized by the government to promote the creation of new tourism resources in rural areas, and was organized with the cooperation of Yomiuri Travel Service Co. and others.