Suzu Ware Artists, Recovering from May Earthquake, Buoyed by Annual Pottery Festival in Ishikawa Pref.

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Visitors to the Suzu ware festival listen to a pottery artist, left, explain his works in Suzu, Ishikawa Prefecture, on Oct. 14.

SUZU, Ishikawa — The Suzu ware festival was held Oct. 14-15 in front of the La Porte Suzu performing arts center in Suzu, Ishikawa Prefecture.

The annual event, in which potters sell traditional Suzu ware directly to customers, attracted many visitors eager to support the art, after a major earthquake hit the city in May.

At the event held by the Suzuyaki Soenkai, an association of Suzu ware artists, teacups, trays and pots with a distinctive dark gray color were on display. Visitors took their time selecting their favorite pieces while listening to the stories of the 24 artists involved in the event.

“We managed to hold this event thanks to everyone’s cooperation,” said Takashi Shinohara, 63, a Suzu ware artist and chairman of the association. “I hope everyone will enjoy and appreciate the Suzu pottery.”

Rinne Kakuo, a 23-year-old office worker from Tsubata in the prefecture, said she heard about Suzu ware from her grandmother and was visiting the event for the first time.

“I hope I can support pottery artists by buying their works,” she said.