Saga: Pig Kept as ‘Lost Property’ Moved to Shelter

The Yomiuri Shimbun
A stray pig, which was kept by police as “lost property”

IMARI, Saga — A stray pig was recently brought to the police in Imari, Saga Prefecture, as a found item.

The female pig, which is approximately 1-meter-long, was first spotted in the city in May. On June 17, city employees and members of a local hunting association captured the swine. It was kept as “lost property” at the Imari police station because it may have been a pet. Station employees took care of it, feeding it vegetables and dog food.

After three weeks, the pig’s owner did not come forward, so the pig was turned over to an animal welfare organization in the town of Arita in the prefecture. If the owner remains unknown, the group will look for a new owner for the pig.