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Osaka: Superhero Attends Signing of Agreement to Stop Crime

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Suita Police Chief Yoshikazu Kawabata, left, and Mayor Keiji Goto sign an agreement while Kinnikuman watches over them at Suita City Hall in Osaka Prefecture.

SUITA, Osaka — A superhero from the Japanese manga “Kinnikuman” watched over the signing of a recent agreement between the Suita municipal government and Suita Police Station to protect citizens from crimes.

Last year, Suita Police Station received 115 reports of fraud — including attempts — in its jurisdiction, the highest among the 66 police stations in Osaka Prefecture. The total damage amounted to about ¥136 million. Due to these circumstances, the police sought cooperation with the city regarding crime prevention by holding workshops and activities to raise awareness.

“Kinnikuman” is an action manga about superhumans, called chojin, who fight each other in wrestling tournaments. It was created by duo Yudetamago, who hail from Osaka City.

The protagonist, Kinnikuman, who has been appointed as a “superhero of crime prevention and justice” by the Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo prefectural police, rushed to the recent signing ceremony at Suita City Hall in June.

Suita Mayor Keiji Goto and Suita Police Station Chief Yoshikazu Kawabata signed the pact and vowed to improve matters in their jurisdiction.