Preschoolers in Tochigi Receive Buildable Wooden Clocks

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Clocks made from scrap wood of Japanese cypress.

YAITA, Tochigi — The Yaita city government has gifted wooden clocks to preschoolers as part of its efforts to promote children’s education about forests.

A total of 208 children enrolled in 11 childcare facilities in Yaita, Tochigi Prefecture, received Japanese cypress wooden clocks that come in components.

The components of the clock, which are a battery-operated section, clock face and hands, can be assembled with nuts.

The clock was designed by Takuya Muroi, 36, a member of a government-initiated Local Vitalization Cooperator program that promotes forestry. Local timber company Maruhachi provided him with scrap wood from Japanese cypress boards.

Yaita Mayor Junichiro Saito and his staff visited Kashiwa Kindergarten and gave the clocks to children on May 8.

“Yaita is a town rich in greenery. I hope this clock will give you an opportunity to become familiar with trees,” said Saito.

A 5-year-old child who received a clock said, “I was happy to get it. I want to build it at home.”