‘Apple Pie’ taxis help promote pastry biz in Aomori Pref. city

The Yomiuri Shimbun
An “Apple Pie Taxi” adorned with photos of apple pies in Hirosaki, Aomori Pref.

HIROSAKI, Aomori — An Aomori Prefecture cab firm is helping to promote sales of apple pies with the recent introduction of two special taxis.

Hokusei Kotsu’s “Apple Pie Taxi” service operates in Hirosaki. The cabs are decorated with pictures of the tasty fruit-based pastries sold at specialist stores in the city. The company hopes to publicize its services to tourists in conjunction with the Tsugaru Tourism Campaign, which kicked off this month.

One cab is adorned with pictures of apple pies sold at 21 stores in the city, while the second cab sports photos of similar products sold at 20 other outlets. Each store features in the Hirosaki Apple Pie Guide Map created by the Hirosaki Tourism and Convention Bureau; a copy of the map is available in the taxis.

Fares for apple-pie shop tours begin at ¥2,810 for 30 minutes, with prices rising for 60, 90, and 120 minutes, respectively. While operating, the cabs deploy an apple pie-shaped lantern on their roofs.

“We hope people will enjoy Hirosaki’s delicious apple pies during the imminent full-blown tourist season,” said Hokusei Kotsu Sales Manager Hiroki Hasegawa, 52.