Hyogo: MSDF unveils new submarine

The Yomiuri Shimbun
The Maritime Self-Defense Force’s new submarine Jingei is seen in Kobe.

KOBE — The third Taigei-class submarine for the Maritime Self-Defense Force was unveiled at a ceremony held at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Kobe Shipyard in Kobe. The submarine was named “Jingei,” meaning “swift whale.”

Jingei is 84 meters long, 9.1 meters wide and has a standard displacement of about 3,000 tons. Construction of the submarine began in April 2020 and cost about ¥69.9 billion.

Taigei-class submarines are more advanced than the previous Soryu-class submarines. Jingei, which will have a designated space for female personnel, will be able to accommodate about 70 crew members. The new submarine will be commissioned in March 2024 after the interior equipment is installed.