Hiroshima: Asa Zoo receives 4th award for breeding rare species

Courtesy of Asa Zoological Park
Cape hyraxes

HIROSHIMA — Asa Zoological Park in Hiroshima City has received its fourth Koga Award, the highest honor given to zoos and aquariums in Japan. The zoo was recognized for its excellent breeding techniques for Cape hyrax, a small mammal.

The award is presented annually by the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums, mainly to those facilities that have contributed to the breeding of rare animals. The award was established and named to honor Tadamichi Koga, a former president of the association.

Asa Zoo had previously received the award for breeding giant salamanders, black rhinoceroses and zebras. It has received the second most awards after Tokyo’s Tama Zoological Park.

Cape hyraxes live in herds on rocky hills scattered across savannas. Since 1978, Asa Zoo has continuously bred the animal and sent a total of 128 to 18 zoos and other facilities throughout Japan. The park was looking after 64 hydraxes as of the end of May this year.