Hyogo: New aquarium to open in Kobe

Courtesy of Atoa
An artistic rendering of the interior of the Atoa building, which represents outer space

KOBE — Kobe Port Museum, a cultural facility featuring a high-tech aquarium under construction at the Port of Kobe in Chuo Ward, is scheduled to open on Oct. 29.

The aquarium Atoa, located on the 2nd to 4th floors, will be the core of the facility. Billed as a next-generation aquarium that combines an aquarium and art, it is expected to exhibit 3,000 organisms from about 100 different species, including an Aldabra giant tortoise and a spotted seal. The facility will also have a museum gift shop and a food hall.

Atoa will be open year round, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Admission will be ¥2,400 for junior high school students and older, ¥1,400 for elementary school students and ¥800 for children 3 years and older. Advance reservations will be generally required.