High School Students, Soy Sauce Maker Develop New Savory Sauce in Gunma; Only 3,000 Packets Available To Buy

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Yummy! Tsuki-tare

TATEBAYASHI, Gunma — Shoda Shoyu Co. and students of Tatebayashi Commerce and Industry High School have developed and sold a limited-edition sauce for fried chicken.

It is the first time the company, which is based in Tatebayashi, Gunma Prefecture, has collaborated with high school students on product development.

Yummy! Tsuki-tare is a sweet and spicy sauce which uses the company’s soy sauce as a base and mixes in gochujang red chili paste, doubanjiang bean paste and sesame, among other ingredients. They say it appeals to everyone, even children.

Eight March graduates from the school’s commerce and information business department had been working on the project since June, while they were still in school, as part of a research project aimed at making use of prefectural products.

The students came up with everything about the product, from its flavor and name to the package design. When it came time to commercialize the product, the Tatebayashi Chamber of Commerce & Industry introduced the students to Shoda Shoyu.

Three thousand packets of the product were produced.