New Japan Soft Drink Contains Gold Leaf Made Using UNESCO-registered Technique

Courtesy of Hakuza Inc.
Kinpaku Kotobuki Cider

KANAZAWA — A soda drink containing pieces of “entsuke” gold leaf — which is made using a technique registered on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list — has been put on sale by Hakuza Inc., a gold leaf manufacturer and retailer in Kanazawa.

Kinpaku Kotobuki Cider (“kinpaku” means gold leaf in Japanese) is intended to be consumed at banquets and purchased for use as a gift. It is suitable for everyone, ranging from kids to adults who do not drink alcohol.

The product, which comes in a 250-milliliter bottle and costs ¥594, is sold at the company’s stores, on e-commerce websites and at souvenir shops at JR Kanazawa Station.

In developing the drink, the company sought the cooperation of Suzuki Kosen, a long-established company that produces soft drinks and nonalcoholic beer in Kuwana, Mie Prefecture.

The soda looks especially good when poured into a glass as the shiny gold leaf pieces “dance” among the bubbles.

The Yomiuri Shimbun
When poured into a glass, small pieces of gold leaf “dance” among the bubbles

“I hope many people will enjoy the drink at festive occasions, including during toasts,” said a Hakuza employee official.