Akita Prefecture Rice Used to Create Tasty Cream Puffs

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Katagami choux cream puffs produced with flour made from Sakihokore rice

AKITA — Cream puffs that use flour made from Akita Prefecture’s Sakihokore rice brand have been developed in Katagami in the prefecture.

Melony House, which operates a waffle specialty shop in the city, and the city government jointly developed the cream puffs with the aim of increasing consumption of Sakihokore rice. The dessert, called “Katagami choux,” is produced with rice flour made from Sakihokore, resulting in a puff pastry with a crispy surface and firm texture.

The cream filling is made with locally produced eggs and milk, and a new product that uses city-grown pears will be available from the autumn.

“The surface is crispy and the cream is just right without being too sweet,” said Mayor Takehiro Suzuki during a press conference held at Katagami City Hall in May.

The cream puffs are sold at the Ailio with Sign store in the Tenno area of the city. Three flavors are available: a plain version for ¥300: sweet potato for ¥390 and matcha azuki for ¥380. They are also available as a thank you gift for donation under the furusato nozei system, a tax-deductible donation program, such as on the Furusato Choice website.