Seijo Ishii opens its 1st bakery in Osaka

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Seijo Ishii Bakery, Seijo Ishii Co.’s first specialty bread store, launched in Osaka on April 20.

OSAKA — Seijo Ishii Co., which operates high-end supermarkets mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, launched its first bakery in Osaka on April 20.

Seijo Ishii Bakery opened in the Keihan Mall, a commercial facility located at Keihan Electric Railway Co.’s Kyobashi Station. The company aims to promote its products and enhance its brand in the Kansai region, where a large amount of bread products are consumed.

The new bakery will offer more than 50 varieties of both savory and sweet bread, made with ingredients that are available from the Seijo Ishii supermarkets, such as truffle oil and chocolate. A wine bar is also attached to the bakery, offering a menu that includes all-you-can-eat bread. The company hopes to launch more dedicated bakeries around the Kansai region in the future.

At a preview event held at the bakery ahead of its opening day, Seijo Ishii President Akihiko Hara said, “We want to provide the fiercely competitive Kansai region with great tastes that only Seijo Ishii can offer.”