Japan Coast Guard, Kyoto Port City Release Specialty Cookies

Courtesy of Maizuru Fururu Farm
Various Maizuru Kaiho Cookie Kan tins with maritime-themed cookies

MAIZURU, Kyoto — Ports and maritime safety are usually not the first things that come to mind when thinking about baked goods, but the 8th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters and Kyoto Prefecture’s Maizuru municipal government want to change that.

The coast guard and the city government released an assortment of maritime-themed cookies in tins called Maizuru Kaiho Cookie Kan, or Maizuru coast guard cookie tins, with help from a local agricultural corporation. Some of the cookie designs include ships and lighthouses. Those involved in the project are enthusiastic about making the cookies a new Maizuru specialty.

The city is not only home to the 8th Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, but also to the Japan Coast Guard School and Maizuru Coast Guard Office. The coast guard planned the project with the city government and other entities to promote the coast guard and its efforts to protect maritime safety.

The sable cookies come in three flavors — plain, green tea and chocolate — and have various designs stamped on them, and on the lid of the tin is an image of a Japan Coast Guard patrol vessel.

“It will be great if people take an interest in the coast guard and its operations [after trying the cookies],” a coast guard official said.

The cookies cost ¥2,700 per tin, including tax, and can be found at various places in the city, including Maizuru Brick Park and Maizuru Fu-ruru Farm. They can also be purchased from Maizuru Fururu Farm’s official website.