Cherry Blossom-Hued Wine Heralds Spring

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Bottles of Akita Bizakura Wine

KOSAKA, Akita — Kosaka Seven Falls Winery has rolled out its locally made red wine that has the color of cherry blossoms and is made with cherry yeast.

The Kosaka, Akita Prefecture, based winery began selling this year’s Akita Bizakura Wine on March 1.

The winery is particular about using ingredients produced in the prefecture, including the grapes, and the wine’s pink hue evokes the arrival of spring.

The grapes are produced in Yokote and are of the Steuben variety, which is characterized by its honey-like sweetness.

The yeast variety is named Akita Bizakura Kobo. It was produced in 2000 from Someiyoshino cherry trees in Kimimachi-Zaka Prefectural Natural Park in Noshiro by the Akita Research Institute of Food and Brewing.

This year marks the third year that the wine has been on sale.

“The wine has a fruity and sweet taste, and a good balance with the acidic flavor,” said Hiromi Mori, representative director of the company that operates the winery. “A wide range of people find the taste appealing.”

A 720-milliliter bottle costs ¥1,870, including tax. Only 1,700 bottles are on sale, and they can be purchased in liquor shops in the prefecture and from the winery’s online store.