Flower pasta delights both the eyes and the taste buds

Courtesy of Masayo Saiki
A dish made using flower pasta

TOTTORI — Pasta sheets made with colorful edible flowers hit the market in September. The product, called “kiseki no hana pasta” (miraculous flower pasta), is manufactured by EF Tottori, a Tottori-based company that produces and processes edible flowers.

The company developed the flower pasta jointly with Matsuoka Seimen, a noodle manufacturer in Hiroshima Prefecture. Violas, marigolds, pansies and other edible flowers grown without the use of chemicals are faintly visible within the pasta sheets.

“This is a genuine food that allows people to not only enjoy its pretty appearance, but the pasta’s fine texture and taste, too,” EF Tottori President Osamu Nakayama said proudly.

A selected few restaurants in Tottori Prefecture serve dishes using the flower pasta, including one in Tottori Hanakairo, a botanical garden in the town of Nanbu. A frozen version of the pasta can be purchased online.

The pasta sheets measure 30 centimeters by 20 centimeters. People can cut the sheets into the desired size or arrange them in different ways to use as other food items, such as crepes. The pasta comes in a set of five sheets, which makes 10 servings and is priced at ¥2,700 plus shipping.

Currently, only 50 sets are available for purchase. Visit https://www.ef-tottori.com (Japanese only) for more information.