Builder gives clients commemorative works by disabled artists

“Vinicunca Mountain” by Toshiya Nakajima

Shimizu Corp., a major construction company based in Chuo Ward, Tokyo, is offering its clients paintings created by three disabled artists as commemorative gifts when a new project is completed.

The initiative is part of a program to support people with disabilities that the company is running. The paintings have a distinct style, and the frames have been meticulously crafted.

Shimizu usually offers gifts to clients who have ordered the construction of a new home. The gifts are mainly wooden products and furniture items, such as sideboards and benches.

The company has made conscientious efforts to support people with disabilities, such as by developing a navigation system that provides audio support for the visually disabled when walking. To further these efforts, works painted by people with various disabilities have been added to the available gifts since this summer.

In collaboration with Heralbony Co., a welfare planning company in Morioka that works with disabled artists, Shimizu selected the works of three artists who have a licensing agreement with Heralbony.

“Vinicunca Mountain,” painted by Toshiya Nakajima, depicts a Peruvian mountain that is also known as “Rainbow Mountain” for its colorful geological formations.

“Tanoshii Hitotoki” (A fun time) by Teppei Kasahara

“Tanoshii Hitotoki” (A fun time) by Teppei Kasahara features people and animals in various smiling poses. “Ongaku no Ie” (House of music) by Mizuki Sonoda uses various striking colors such as pink and blue in a mosaic-like painting.

The frames for these paintings were manufactured by Tokyo Mokkoujou Arts & Crafts Furnishings, a factory established by Shimizu in Koto Ward, Tokyo. Patterns from the artwork are etched into the frames with lasers so the paintings and frames can be enjoyed as one single creation.

“We hope to contribute to the realization of a symbiotic society by giving such gifts to many people,” said Masaki Wada, the 58-year-old factory manager of Tokyo Mokkoujou.

“Ongaku no Ie” (House of music) by Mizuki Sonoda