Average Annual Pay Rises to ¥4.58 Mil. in 2022

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — The average annual wage for private-sector workers rose 2.7% from the previous year to ¥4.58 million in 2022, up for the second consecutive year, a National Tax Agency survey showed Wednesday.

There seems to be little sign of improvement in living standards, however, as prices rise.

The average for men was ¥5.63 million, up 2.5%, while that for women was ¥3.14 million, up 3.9 pct.

The average for regular employees came to ¥5.23 million, up 1.5%, while that for others including part-time workers stood at ¥2.01 million.

By industry, the electricity, gas and water supply sector had the highest average wage, at ¥7.47 million, down 5.2%, followed by the finance and insurance industry, at ¥6.56 million, down 3.7%.

The lowest average was for workers in the lodging and dining services sector, at ¥2.68 million.

The average soared 11.3% in the transport and postal sector, and jumped 9.1% in the agriculture, forestry, fisheries and mining sector.

The number of salaried workers in the private sector stood at 59.67 million.

Private-sector wages totaled ¥231,264 billion in the year, up 2.2%. Income taxes withheld at source increased 7% to ¥12,042.4 billion, the highest figure since 2014.