Summer bonuses for govt employees down

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo

TOKYO (Jiji Press) — Nonmanagerial Japanese government employees received summer bonuses on Thursday, averaging around ¥584,800, down some ¥76,300, or 11.5%, from a year before.

The second straight year of decline reflected a law revision based on National Personnel Authority recommendations in 2021 to lower this year’s summer bonuses by 0.075 month of salary. In addition, the agency’s recommendations for a reduction of 0.15 month of salary in last year’s winter bonuses was carried out this time as a law revision was not made in time for payments.

Summer bonuses for the prime minister and the Supreme Court’s chief justice totaled some 5.18 million each, the highest among officials in special government service positions.

Each cabinet minister received some ¥3.78 million. About ¥2.93 million went to each administrative vice minister.