ANA, JAL unions to demand 4-month bonuses in shunto spring labor talks

The Yomiuri Shimbun
ANA and JAL aircraft are seen at Haneda Airport in Tokyo.

The unions of ANA and JAL, Japan’s two major airlines, are expected to demand annual bonuses equivalent to four months’ salary in labor talks this spring.

Amid wage cuts during the pandemic, the ANA Workers Union of All Nippon Airways and JALFIO of Japan Airlines are seeking to stem the outflow of workers through the raising of bonuses.

“Employees at airline companies have almost reached the end of their tolerance,” said Akira Naito, president of the Japan Federation of Aviation Industry Unions. “If management restores pay only after business is in the black, companies won’t be able to stop employees from leaving.”

Due to sluggish business performance, the annual salary of ANA employees decreased by around 30% to 40% compared to before the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, the ANA Workers Union will demand at least a three-month bonus, with a view to asking for four months depending on the extent of improvement in ANA’s business.

JALFIO will demand at least a two-month bonus, with a similar request for a four-month bonus in accordance with business results.

The ANA union will also demand an end to the 5% cut in monthly salary.