HondaJet Rental Service to Be Launched for Corporate Customers

Yomiuri Shimbun file photo
HondaJet Elite II

Tokyo (Jiji Press)—Japan’s Honda Motor Co. said Tuesday it will launch a service to rent its HondaJet small business aircraft to corporate customers later this month.

Companies are expected to use the HondaJet Sharing Service to offer a variety of services to their own customers, such as luxury travel and quick transportation.

Honda will manage the aircraft schedule.

The company will start the service with one HondaJet plane and plans to introduce more depending on the usage situation.

Honda will consider renting the aircraft not only to corporations but also to individuals. It will provide vehicles to take passengers to and from the aircraft on the runway, hoping to make air travel more comfortable by eliminating the need to wait for departures at airport buildings.

While the charge for using the rental service has not been disclosed, it will be based on a fee structure in which the price increases for every 300 kilometers traveled.

Companies that are planning to use the HondaJet rental service include Tokyo-based Japanticket Inc., which arranged a demonstrational regional tour in Japan using a HondaJet aircraft last year for wealthy visitors to the country.