Israeli Families Demand Release of Hostages of Hamas; Worried About Crossfire

Toshiyuki Fukushima / The Yomiuri Shimbun
Families appeal for the release of hostages in front of the Western Wall in Jerusalem, on Tuesday.

JERUSALEM — A month after a cross-border attack by Hamas, people gathered all across Israel on Tuesday to call for the release of hostages.

In front of the Western Wall, a holy site in the Old City of Jerusalem, families of the hostages shouted to bring them back home.

Avishai David, a 60-year-old whose son Evyatar David, 23, was kidnapped said he had not heard anything about his son since the day he was taken hostage and was worried that he would be caught up in the fighting.

Family and friends of the hostages also gathered at a square in central Tel Aviv.

Anat Darr, a 52-year-old whose friend was abducted near the Gaza Strip said Israel had no choice but to begin a ground invasion to get them back.