Hoshoryu Promoted to Sumo’s 2nd-Highest Rank of Ozeki

The Yomiuri Shimbun
Hoshoryu, left, makes his acceptance speech after being officially informed of his promotion to ozeki in Minami Ward, Nagoya, on Wednesday.

NAGOYA (Jiji Press) — The board of the Japan Sumo Association on Wednesday unanimously decided to promote sekiwake Hoshoryu to the second-highest rank of ozeki.

The promotion came after the 24-year-old sumo wrestler from Mongolia, whose real name is Sugarragchaa Byambasuren, won the first title of his career at the grand tournament that ended in Nagoya on Sunday.

After being notified of the promotion by association representatives at a stable dormitory in Nagoya, Hoshoryu said, “I will make efforts with the spirit of ‘kihaku issen’ [stand strong in all circumstances] so as not to discredit the name of ozeki.”

He became the seventh Mongolian to be promoted to ozeki after Kirishima in May.

Hoshoryu, a nephew of former yokozuna Asashoryu, scored 10 wins in the spring tournament in March, 11 wins in the summer tournament in May and a career high of 12 wins in the Nagoya tournament.

Each tournament runs for 15 consecutive days and each wrestler usually has a match each day.