5 more Sumo Wrestlers Test Positive

The Japan Sumo Association announced on Saturday that five more wrestlers were found to be infected with the coronavirus after receiving the results of emergency PCR tests conducted on entire association prior to the start of the New Year tournament on Sunday.

Four wrestlers were from the Kokonoe stable, including Chiyoshoma of the uppermost makuuchi division, according to the association. The others were juryo-ranked Chiyootori and two wrestlers ranked makushita or lower. The other was a low-level wrestler from the Tomozuna stable.

The association said it will keep those who tested positive, including yokozuna Hakuho, who was already found to be infected, and any association members who came in close contact with them from participating in the New Year tournament.

All wrestlers belonging to the Kokonoe, Tomozuna, Arashio and Miyagino stables will be forced to sit out the tournament.

Including yokozuna Kakuryu, who has withdrawn due to injury, 16 wrestlers in the top two divisions will be absent from the tournament.