JAL Trials Displays with Live Translations at Haneda to Help Foreign Passengers; 13 Languages Available

The Yomiuri Shimbun
An experimental display with live translations introduced by Japan Airlines at Haneda Airport on Tuesday. It will be used to better communicate with foreigners and deaf people.

Japan Airlines and Toppan Holdings Inc. introduced an experimental display at a service counter at Haneda Airport on Tuesday that offers live translations.

When passengers and airport staff speak, the display shows a translation into one of 13 languages, including English and Chinese. This appears on a transparent display, allowing speakers to still see each other’s faces.

The experiment will run until July 8.

With the rapid growth in foreign visitors, airports across Japan are increasingly providing foreign-language services. The companies plan to test the translation screen at Osaka International Airport in late August, to determine the effectiveness of the display and any potential issues before possibly using it at scale.