It’s fun to get stuck on masking tape

Courtesy of Kamoi Kakoshi Co.
Various kinds of colorful masking tape

In this column, I want to talk about masking tape. You may be wondering what connection masking tape and Okayama Prefecture have. Well, the mt brand masking tape, which is quite popular among women, is produced by Kurashiki-based Kamoi Kakoshi Co.

Masking tape is easy both to apply and remove. It is so convenient and comes in so many decorative patterns that I have loved using this tape since I was a young child.

Using masking tape was very trendy among my friends and I when we were in elementary and junior high schools. Giving masking tape as a gift was common. Once, I had more than 30 different kinds.

It can be used as an alternative to tags on notebooks or for writing to-do lists with a pen and then placing the piece of tape at the edge of your desk. As masking tape can be utilized in so many ways, it’s never a problem to have too many kinds.

My mother also loves using masking tape. She writes “Yukina” or “Darling” on pieces of tape and places them on cling wrap to sort packages in the refrigerator and freezer for me and my father.

I heard Kamoi Kakoshi occasionally invites visitors inside its factory with limited-time offers to view things. If the timing is right, I desperately want to check it out next time!

Yukina Kamachi

Born on January 22, 2000. Her favorite foods are things with eggs, and meat and potato stew.