North Korea Claims to Have Successfully Tested New Missile

REUTERS file photo
The North Korean flag flutters at the North Korea consular office in Dandong, Liaoning province, China, 2021.

Seoul (Jiji Press)—North Korea successfully test-fired a new tactical ballistic missile capable of carrying a 4.5 ton-class superlarge warhead on Monday, state media reported Tuesday.

The test was “conducted with a missile tipped with a simulated heavy warhead to verify flight stability and hit accuracy at the maximum range of 500 kilometers and the minimum range of 90 kilometers,” the Korean Central News Agency said.

The country will conduct another test of the missile in July to “verify flight characteristics, hit accuracy and explosion power of superlarge warhead at the medium range of 250 kilometers,” the KCNA said.

The South Korean military said Monday that North Korea fired two ballistic missiles. One of them flew about 600 kilometers, while the other flew abnormally during the early stage of its flight and traveled about 120 kilometers, it said.